Limo Software Suite

Limo Software Suite is a combination of web and phone solution and provides a simple, inexpensive way for taxi businesses to book and assign reservations, track driver location, record shift and break times, and capture reservation status information from a GPS-enabled mobile phone on various networks. For the customers choosing to use the shuttle service, this system keeps track of the information provided by the customers. Tracks and integrates customer experience to their complaints in the system and help in serving them better. Allows customer to choose the preference of how they want to use the service and what functions should be given priority. This system captures Pickup, Dropoff, Payment Information, Credit Card details, Customer and Driver Notes, Instructions and General Comments in one place.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Book reservations instantly
  • Manage customer profiles
  • Automatic schedule generation on single click of a button
  • Real-time dispatching
  • Real-time driver and vehicle tracking
  • Driver phone application
  • Customer phone booking application
  • Driver assistance tools
  • Automated reminder alerts
  • Customer Credit Card management
  • Employee management
  • Payroll management
  • Accounts management
  • Improved accuracy in billing

Limo Software Suite provides multiple options to book a reservation. Booked reservations flow immediately and seamlessly into your reservation, dispatch and accounting systems while simultaneously preventing overbooking.

Integrated fares computation module allows a user, reservation agent or any other affiliate shuttle company to be able to query the fares. This uses a set of features like discount coupons, special service selections and others. It integrates the frequent traveler points to the back end system and automatically generates those rewards and displays them to the users.

Customer Web Booking Portal

The web based booking portal allows the customer to be able to choose their own services and functions conveniently. This system exposes the minimum set of parameters that a customer will need to book a reservation himself. This helps a customer to book reservations by just following a few simple steps.

Customer Smartphone Booking App

This allows customers to book reservations from their phones and tablets and is available on both Android and iOS platform. Customers can see available drivers on map and book them directly for an instant ride. Customers also have an option to book reservations for a later date.

Driver Phone Booking App

For drivers located in remote locations, it is difficult to sometimes connect to dispatchers and reservation agents. This further reduced feature set driver phone app allows the drivers to create reservations from their mobiles efficiently. This also allows the driver to add transactions of amount collected from the customer after the reservation is serviced.

Reservation Agent Booking Portal

This facilitates your reservation agents to book a cab easily by adding customer, Credit Card and journey details quickly. Reservations agents have the access to corporate accounts and customer profiles to let them book cabs directly for their account. A new profile will automatically be created for any new customer who books a reservation.

Running a good business requires right tools and business-critical tasks are even more demanding. Dispatching is the core of any taxi business. Limo Software Suite’s real-time dispatching allows your dispatchers to take correct decisions and ensure smooth operations during the day. Dispatch allows you to run your taxi or delivery business in a breeze by spending less time in finding the right driver and informing your customer about the driver’s arrival time. All drivers are displayed on the map in real time on the dispatch interface and their availability is updated the moment they accept a new ride.

Intelligent Alerts

If a customer is not picked up or dropped off on time, the system starts to alert the dispatcher about such events. In case something was missed completely, that is also handled by this same mechanism.

Google/Yahoo Map Based Driver Tracking Module

The driver phone application transmits the GPS information to the server. This information is parsed and displayed on the map which is visible to the dispatcher. By this dispatcher can track real-time location of driver and know the accurate status of a reservation.

Dispatch Events

Various dispatch events like customer not picked up, drivers on hold, customers to be picked up, customers on board and ETA helps a dispatcher to take any actions if needed timely. This facilitates in running the daily operations effortlessly and enhances customer service.

Automated Decision Control

Email / SMS to phone dispatching

Monitor performance against plan

Driver Phone Application allows a driver to manage reservations on a daily basis during their shifts. Reservations scheduled on a specific day for a driver are available to them on their phones. Driver phone app allows you to communicate with your drivers in real-time via SMS/Text Messaging. Limo Software Suite’s driver phone app transforms a standard Smartphone, to provide mobile dispatch and reservation management directly to the driver without the need for costly hardware to be installed in the vehicle.

Drivers can update their shift time and reservation status via mobile or tablet and it is instantly visible to the dispatcher on the web dispatch. Drivers can use various events in the app like create reservations, update reservation status, view trips, get directions, update break time and create cash / credit card transactions. Driver phone app allows you to process your bookings wherever your drivers. Even your drivers can take bookings in the car and dispatch directly from the app, if in case there is no dispatcher on duty. Using the GPS of Smartphone or tablet, driver app provides in-app street mapping/directions navigation to the pickup location as well as the drop off location to service the customer efficiently.

Following are the main features of Driver Phone Application:

  • Manage shifts
  • Search reservations
  • Create a new reservation
  • View run summary
  • Create and manage Cash / CC transactions
  • Perform Hold-in and Hold-out
  • Perform Break-in and break-out
  • View text based directions

Limo Software Suite’s advanced reporting allows you to be on top of your business. Reporting is an effective tool that allows dispatcher and administrator to closely monitor daily activities and also view accurate and up to date information every time when required. Online reports can be accessed from anywhere providing round the clock availability to your vital information. With integrated customers, contract parties, revenue, credit card processing, payroll, invoicing, receivables management as well as employee/driver time and shift management reports, your system monitors your expenses and your revenue ensuring you can see and protect your bottom line, each and every day. A robust menu of managerial and accounting reports lets you document every phase of your business, helping you to make correct and quick decisions about how to best manage your business for both the short and long term.

Some of the major reports include:

  • Reservation management report
  • Dispatch management report
  • Schedule report
  • Accounting report
  • Performance report
  • Payment report
  • GPS report
  • Sales report
  • Service sales by region report
  • Group sales report by region
  • Location analytics report

Limo Software Suite allows your dispatchers and reservation agents to seamlessly charge Credit Cards with single click of a button. Our credit card processing solutions has versatile features that allow you to charge all major credit cards, making it an excellent choice for every business. Our solution allows you to process credit cards and print confirmation instantly. This feature helps in growing your business and maintains a competitive edge in today’s expanding market.

Customer’s Credit Card information is stored in an encrypted form in the database in order to prevent unauthorized usage and thus ensuring security. Dispatchers and reservations agents can decline or refund the transactions during last minute cancellations. All your payment transactions are stored in the database and integrated with our Accounting software for generating bills and invoices for your customers and contract parties.

Following are the main features of Credit Card Processing:

  • Manage customer Credit Cards
  • Process payments
  • Issue refunds
  • Make daily settlements
  • Generate invoices

Like any other competitive business, the key is to keep the clients happy. That calls for a CRM system that allows the reservation, driver and dispatching department managers and the management review cases as they occurred in past. This allows them to ensure that such event don’t happen again and effectively increate the quality of service.

CRM keeps track of the grievances provided by the customers and integrates customer experience to their complaints in the system and help in serving them better. Limo Software Suite’s CRM system allows your reservations agents to create an incident for a customer complaint instantly. This incident is available to the department manager in order to take appropriate action. The status and steps taken for resolution of incident is updated in the system and also emailed to the customer. This helps managing your customer relationships intelligently and efficiently.

Main features of CRM are:

  • Manage corporate accounts
  • Track corporate discounts
  • Department wise incident booking
  • Reservation wise incident booking
  • View status of incident
  • Multiple incident types: Apology, Thank You, Confirmation, Discount and Feedback
  • Email incident resolution to customers

Limo Software Suite is completely customizable to fit your business needs. We can customize the modules in any way you like so that you have full control over the layout and content. You can set your own rates and price categories based on the areas you service and type of vehicles. You can create zones and landmarks to divide your pickup areas and set preference to available cars in a specific area. Customization offers a reliable solution for all the private hire, minicab and taxi companies. Whether it is dispatching, scheduling, accounting or any module, we will customize it according to your requirements to ensure you can run your business smoothly and efficiently.

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